SWAT Instant Gallery

Instant Gallery Item Entry Process

Any SWAT registered attendee, vendor or demonstrator.

Where:  Check items into Instant Gallery Waco Convention Center.  Submit only through Instant  Gallery representatives.

When: During the Symposium hours. (Specific date and time TBA for 2019)

Entry Fee:

Limit: of items submitted:
  No more than 10 per artist.  Inventory form required.

Beads of Courage entrees:
  These items are submitted at a separate check in table to an Instant Gallery representative rather than general check-in.  No inventory form required.

Personal Business Cards:
  No personal business cards will be displayed in the Instant Gallery.

Selling of items on display:
  All sales will be handled by the artist and the interested party.  Instant Gallery representatives take no responsibility in these transactions.

Instant Gallery Inventory Form:  In an effort to minimize time required to check in items, please consider downloading the Instant Gallery Inventory Form.  Please complete the form and bring with you on your arrival.

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