Friday Night Lights Focused On

"Beat Stuart Batty"

Turnoff Throwdown

(Open to all registered SWAT Attendees)

Ladies and Gentleman, Don't forget the Friday NightTHROWDOWN between Stuart Batty and Ashley Harwood!!


Master against Protege in a contest to see who is the fastest at turning a bowl. Two top turners making the chips fly. Turning a 14 inch bowl, then jam chucking it to finish the bottom. Raw bowl blank to finished bowl, how long will it take each of them to complete? Has Ashley's skills surpassed those of her teacher? All of us will find out the answers to these questions in a humorous and entertaining fashion at the Friday Night THROWDOWN !!!

Friday Night August 25th at 7:30

After the Cajun feast

Brazos Room, Waco Convention Center, Waco Texas


Stuart Batty Ashley Harwood

Cajun Dinner



6:00 PM

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