SWAT Art Gallery

Each symposium provides an opportunity for attendees to showcase some of their work(s).  Turners can see what others are making, too.  There is an amazing array of beautiful works.  Much inspiration can be found by perusing the display tables in the SWAT Art Gallery.  

If you are going to put one or more of your turned pieces in the Art Gallery, you have the option of selling those pieces, too.   Sellers and buyers work out the details and the seller pockets 100% of the price they agree to. You don't have to sell anything, but you can if you choose to.  

A form will be available at the symposium for each participant to fill out for each item they wish to display in the Art Gallery.  To limit the amount of time necessary for checking gallery pieces in at the event, print and fill out an Art Gallery Form and bring it with you for each piece you are planning to enter in the gallery.  (Form and additional information below.)

  • Please make every effort to leave a turning in the Art Gallery until the end of the Symposium
  • Please do not submit work that has been entered into previous gallery competitions. 
  • Please accept any/all feedback as constructive criticism, not a complaint

SWAT 2021