SWAT Art Gallery

Each symposium provides an opportunity for attendees to showcase some of their works.  Turners can see what others are making and get inspiration from each other.  There is an amazing array of beautiful work. 


If you are going to put one or more of your pieces in the Art Gallery, you have the option of making it available “for sale”.  Sellers and buyers work out the details and the buyer pockets 100% of the agreed price.


For 2023, we will have a new policy on business cards.  Business cards can be displayed with your art, they must be in a card holder.  One cardholder with cards per person.  Use your own card holder or we will provide one.  No sales brochures in Art Gallery.


Pre-Registeration has now Ended for 2023, we can still check them in at the Art Gallery


SWAT 2023