SWAT Vendors

The symposium has been fortunate to draw some of the best vendors from near and far.  You will find some of the latest wood turning tools and accessories from the best known companies.  Are you looking for a new lathe chuck, a sharpening system, or perhaps you just need some new finishing products.  You can find it all at the SWAT Symposium.

Here is a list of the vendors who attended SWAT 2019.  This will give you an idea of what you can expect this year.

JT Turning Tools - tom@jtturningtools.com

Conestoga Works - charles@conestogaworks.com

Carter and Son Toolworks - contact@carterandsontoolworks.com

SS Niles Bottle Stoppers - ruthniles@gmail.com

Accu-Slice - info@accu-slice.com

Hunter Tool Company - MLH55410@aol.com

Robust Tools - brent@turnrobust.com

Alan Lacer Woodturning - alan@alanlacer.com

Ring Master - pmerritt@capefearautomation.com

Thompson Lathe Tools - doug@thompsonlathetools.com

Woodworld of Texas - woodworldtx@gmail.com

TURNINGWOOD.COM - steve@turningwood.com

Woodturning with Tim - info@wtwtim.com

2 Tree Boyz Wood - 2treeboyz@gmail.com

Mike Alan Designs - mikealandesigns318@gmail.com

PTownSubbie - PTownSubbie@gmail.com

Woodturning Tool Store - tod@woodturningtoolstore.com

Custom Fixtures by Pete Marken - p_marken@bellsouth.net

Turners Warehouse - chadschimmel@gmail.com

Woodturner PRO - lloyd@woodturnerpro.com

James Kesler - james.kessler@att.net

Flute Master - dick@webbock.com

Cindy Drozda Woodturning Tools - cindy@cindydrozda.com

Spiracraft - accounts@spiracraft.com

American Association of Woodturners - linda@woodturner.org

Airbrushing Wood - jtfleming@san.rr.com

TurnTex - Curtis@turntex.com

Easy Inlay - nnapurski@lionheartpr.com

Woodworker's Emporium - chbwwe@gmail.com

Rising3B Woodworks - rising3b@rising3b.com

Big Monk Lumber - pete@bigmonklumber.com

AZ Carbide - campbelnye@gmail.com

VincesWoodnWonders - vince@vinceswoodnwonders.com

Rotary Chisel - rotarychisel@gmail.com

Hill Country Woods - james@hcwtexas.com

Century Tree Turnings - mikescustommill@hotmail.com

Amalgam-Mutt Blanks - esoto70431@hotmail.com

Kallenshaan Woods - kallenshaan@cox.net

The Classic Nib - theclassicnib@hotmail.com

Lyle Jamieson Woodturning - lyle@lylejamieson.com

Frugal Vacuum Chuck - FrugalVacuumChuck@gmail.com

Arrowmount - 

Ornament Buttons - g3en@yahoo.com

Stainless Bottle Stoppers - sales@stainlessbottlestoppers.com

Specialty Lumber & Logging - woodchipper2011@hotmail.com

Oneway Manufacturing - kevin@oneway.ca

Woodturners Workholding Solutions gmwoodworking78@msn.com

Bigfoot Carving Tools dba The Old Texas Woodcarvers Shop sales@bigfootcarvingtools.com

Heritage Wood School mark@homesteadheritagefurniture.com

Tradesman Grinder cuttermaster@gmail.com

Nave's Sawmill & Woodworks wendy@mesquiteTREE.org

Wood Turners Wonders kjrdistributing@gmail.com

Stones Pen Blanks - info@stonespenblanks.com  

CrazyJwoodworks -jones.skylar2014@gmail.com  

If you want wood, you'll find plenty scattered throughout the convention center's main hall.  You will also find a variety of accessories, kits, sanding supplies.  And if you are planning to get a new lathe, well, you are in luck, because there are several vendors that can help you make an informed choice.  

Here are some images from the most recent SWAT Symposium.  You will see that there are a lot of friendly folks sharing their knowledge.

SWAT 2018