SWAT Raffle Details

This year's SWAT raffle is called a "3 for 1" or "three for one"... however you would like to call it. 

The first opportunity to win something is at the opening ceremony on Friday morning.  Isn't that exciting?!  The winner will receive a Jet midi lathe or an Arrowmount scholarship.  


The second raffle is at the banquet Saturday evening.  This opportunity will include approximately 30 pieces of gorgeous art.  

The third and final raffle will be held on Sunday at lunch.  This raffle will be for tools, wood, a scholarship to Arrowmount and ... yes ... LATHES!

Start buying those raffle tickets now!

Now, for some even more thrilling news...

Saturday night, at the banquet, a number of art pieces will be auctioned - complete with a professional auctioneer (for added excitement and fun).  The expectation is to have around 15 pieces of art to sell to the highest bidder.

If you would like to view some of SWAT's previous raffle winners, click the link below.

Raffle Winners from previous year(s)

SWAT 2018