SWAT Raffle Details

This year's SWAT raffle is called a "3 for 1" or "three for one"... however you would like to call it. 

The first opportunity to win something is at the opening ceremony on Friday morning.  Isn't that exciting?!  The winner will receive a midi lathe or an Arrowmont scholarship.  

The second raffle is at the banquet Saturday evening.  This opportunity will include approximately 30 pieces of gorgeous art.  

The third and final raffle will be held on Sunday at lunch.  This raffle will be for tools, wood, a scholarship to Arrowmont and ... yes ... LATHES!

Start buying those raffle tickets now!

Pictures of this year's raffle art (more to come) updated 6/15/2024

Multi-axis bowl, spalted Arizona Ash.  "OFF KILTER"  Top: laser engraved with flower design,  bottom: cut on a bias to better show the flower, gloss lacquer; 9.4" w, 3.25" h. 

Billy Burt


James Duxberry

Mahogany Offset Cylinder, 4-center turning, 3 cylinders are each 1.75"x1.5" Spaced 120 degrees base is Maple total size is 3.5" x 7"


Rita Duxbury

"Texas Lighthouse"


Linda Ferber

"Butterfly Story Box" - Maple & Maple Burl, metal, wire & bead butterfly; Acrylic & milk paint, 2"h x 3.375"d


Dennis Ford

Hickory Vase, 9" tall, Tung oil finish


Karen Freitas

Maple Leaf bowl, wood burned leaves, colored with Prisma Color alcohol pens multi-coats of Krylon Acrylic 11.5' x 2.5"


John Hayre

Spalted Hackberry Vase with epoxy window and embedded flora. 10.5" x 7.5"


Pear vase carved with poinsettias and painted with thinned acrylic over black India ink. Clear gloss enamel finish. 3 ½” by 8” tall. Very delicate thin wall, weighs only 4.3 oz (122 g)

Dewey Johnson


Hackberry carved Dragon Vase. Irridescent acrylic over india ink, with speckled background. Clear gloss lacquer. 13" x 3.5”.

Dewey Johnson


Paul Milo

Mesquite hollow form with walnut finial, gloss spar urethane. 19.5" x 11".


Steve Nix

Red Oak root burl, natural edge Vessel cast in acrylic 6.5"h x 5"w


Mesquite Hollow Vessel, 12" x 3 1/2", not including handles. Finish is Deft and Buffed

Gary Roberts


Gary Rock


Johnny & Marcia Tolly

"The Ubehebe Crater"  Boxelder bowl rough turned by James Johnson, Finished turned by Johnny Tolly, Woodburned by Marcia, Deft Finish 19"w x 5" deep


Escarpment Black Cherry Platter, 17" by 1-1/8 inches deep. Rim painted with Iridescent paint then over sprayed with Gloss Lacquer

Jimmy Tolly


If you would like to view some of SWAT's previous raffle winners, click the link below.

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